Hello all you new people. This is Shay Massey. She is a lovely person and you will never stop thinking about her now that you’ve seen her.

This is what lady super heroes should look like.

Hey Brett I found you another Lex model


the only true ally

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 Rosies of Color. Happy International Women’s Day. 

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show creator: i know what you are
bi character: say it. out loud.
show creator: ...not interested in labels
me waking up: i can't wait to go to sleep tonight


*forgets U.S. history with Japan/Vietnam/Philippines/Pakistan/Afghanistan/etc/etc.*

"Asian Privilege is real, Asians have structural advantages :)"


mr. president


11 simple rules for being a male feminist

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Aziz Ansari. John Legend.

These are a few of many male celebrities who have recently come out as feminists. Emma Watson’s high-profile #HeForShe campaign and the White House’s launch of #ItsOnUs against sexual violence have encouraged many more men to think critically about feminism. More importantly, about why it’s necessary to affirm and practice gender equality, given the many ways institutional sexism and the patriarchy have created environments where conventionally white, masculine, cisgender men have power and privilege. 

For men who wish to truly engage in the struggle for gender equality, here are some ways they can help help while remaining cognizant of how their identities may limit their understanding of women’s struggles.

1. Allow women to lead the way | Follow micdotcom